Market Research and
Feasibility Review

Primary Market Area Research

One of the first hurdles all development projects face is verifying a real, qualified and willing market exists in the primary market area. That’s the first place Senior Living Pro adds value to your team.

Allow us to breathe some life into the primary market data by layering in competitive intelligence and consumer metrics.

Want to know specifically what seniors in your market expect to see in a new residence? Or how many suites to build, and, what size? Any idea on what the rental rates will be when you enter the market?

These are all great questions for you to be asking and indeed require answers before you give the ‘green-light’ to the project. These are all questions that Senior Living Pro will answer. And frankly, if we don’t know the answer, we know someone who does.

Residential Dementia Care Review - Senior Living Pro market data, research and feasibility

Developer Success

Developers looking to succeed with a full-service retirement residence need deep, insightful market knowledge. Our Secret Guest Shop™ and Competitor Intelligence Review™ is the perfect place to start.

A few of our most recent Competitor Intelligence and Feasibility Reviews.

Market Research

Allow Senior Living Pro to provide line of sight to success.

Completely customized market research projects can bring proof of concept or open doors to new geography for all those entrepreneurs and developers who venture to the senior living industry.

Senior Living Pro will design custom reports for new market entry, proof of concept, and other feasibility research based on your needs. 

A few of our most recent market research projects:

Project Showcase

Residential Dementia Care Review - Senior Living Pro market data, research and feasibility
CAIRN Merchant Partners has a vision to develop purpose-built luxury dementia and Alzheimers specialty care residential projects in the central core of a hyper urban marketplace – Toronto, Ontario. This Limited Partnership was seeking to validate the belief that a market for such a product exists and was not being served. Senior Living Pro was engaged to provide current market data and to gather and present any known market factors to enable a decision on the model put forward by the vision.

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