Occupancy Performance

Occupancy Success

There is a recipe for occupancy success in the senior living industry. It isn’t complicated – but don’t be fooled – it isn’t easy. And, for some projects, it remains completely elusive.

Occupancy performance is a relentless aspect of the senior living business. One thing is certain, without qualified leads or professional selling skills a retirement residence will not flourish.

Occupancy Recipe



Reputation & Brand


Relationship-based Selling

Lead Generation

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Occupancy Performance

If occupancy performance is the issue, call us today to start the conversation over the difficulties being faced. Give us the opportunity to ask a few good questions to start to surface all the challenges you are facing.

Oak Crossing Retirement Reports

Marketing Environment Audit(™)

Our comprehensive Marketing Environment Audit™ provides everything you need to understand exactly what is required to turn up performance and thrive. This top-to-bottom review sets up a roadmap to success and becomes the foundation from which goals and strategy are derived.

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Brand Strategy

Is it time for a refresh? Time to pump a little sophistication and elegance into your service delivery, website, social media, advertising and environment?

Social and Traditional media

Media and Creative

Without a marketing department? Struggling to understand the best way to get your message posted to all the social media platforms? Digital & traditional advertising campaigns need to be fed daily in order to keep the sales funnel appropriately stocked with qualified leads.

For social media to add value to any operation you need experienced communicators, project managers and creative minds. This is where Senior Living Pro’s creative team takes over; creating, writing, designing, and executing on all your promotion needs every single day.

Senior Living Professional Sales Training

There are a number of pre-packaged sales training modules available that cover all the basics of selling, follow up, networking and leadership of the sales effort. If collaboration is required, custom-written training material can be developed to combine Senior Living Pro knowledge and your organization’s brand standard elements.

Secret Guest Evaluation

Utilizing the custom Secret Guest Residence Evaluation and our real-life “family members” from our partners at The Shop Shopp, Senior Living Pro will be able to effectively deliver a real consumer opinion and reflection of the sales experience with your business.

Wondering if sales is being handled with the professionalism and grace that you expect? How about the impression made by a Prospect’s moment of arrival? Is your building and team measuring up or leaving Prospects and their families feeling underwhelmed and hoping for more from the next residence they tour?

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