Secret Guest Evaluation
& Competitor Intel

Secret Guest Shop

There are two specific reasons to execute a Secret Guest Shop either in person or by telephone. One is to manage the performance of the selling personnel within an operating home. The other is to furnish rich information for Developers and Owners to guide and support decisions on new projects including suite-style and size, amenities, services and market price.

Senior Living Pro uses two distinct and exceptional review tools to present information that is gathered by our shoppers. We typically use non-industry shoppers whose profile matches that of a Prospective Resident’s family member to Guest Shop a residence and report with an unbiased and completely personal voice. Our reports always include data scoring and the shopper’s narrative along with an executive overview.

Sales Performance Management

To manage the performance of a sales professional in your organization an individual shop might be performed and regular routine reviews measure performance over a reasonable amount of time. Routine and planned Guest Shops for the purpose of performance management allow for package pricing, overall cost reductions and client specific measurements added to the data set to measure proprietary learning.

Market Competitive Intelligence

When reviewing for the purpose of establishing market and competitive intelligence, Senior Living Pro seeks to review five of the most competitive residences within the primary market area of the development project. Most competition can be established through proximity, service similarity, price point, or otherwise directed by the Developer.

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