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Relationship Selling in Senior Living

Selling senior-living to Prospective Residents and their families isn’t just about being able to discuss the benefits of a the residence, the suite size or all those beautiful amenities you built. Hint…This is not a transactional real-estate sale. 

Industry data tells us that most Prospects take in excess of 200 days to work through this decision. That’s a 200-day journey from the initial contact to move-in. This is a big decision and one that is fraught with emotion. At this point the selling is really about guiding and coaching seniors through the roller coaster of emotions that come along with the decision. Any idea how to best guide them through that journey? 

A Prospect’s decision to move into a residence is one that is intrinsically linked to loss; loss of independence and identity, loss of their home, personal strength and overall vitality…imagine walking away from the security, safety, love and trust that your home provides for you. It is, at best, the admission that life is not going as well as we’d like.

Most Prospects for seniors housing are struggling with serious problems, difficulties and dissatisfactions in their current living situation. Despite this, “I’m not ready yet.” is the honest reaction from 80% of all persons facing this decision. The head understands logically why this is the correct move while the heart takes a little more convincing.

Jodi - Senior Living Sales Training Specialist

Industry Experts

Relationship Selling in Senior Living is Senior Living Pro’s foundation for all sales training and coaching. This foundation has been fine-tuned through the years with personal experience of both selling and coaching.

If a collaboration is required, custom-written training material can be developed to combine Senior Living Pro’s knowledge and your organization’s brand standard elements.

Senior Living Professional Sales:

day One

Senior Living Professional Sales training takes the audience through the entire selling process from receiving the initial contact, booking a first in person appointment, through the full selling tour and closing out that initial appointment. This training module is designed for every single management person who works within the residence who could be called upon to tour with a Prospect. That includes Concierge, Wellness leads, General Managers, Assistant General Managers and all Sales and Marketing personnelle.

For those who hold the primary accountability it is recommended that this program be part of all on-boarding and orientation and then refreshed on an annual basis.

Every aspect of professional relationship selling is presented within this presentation and it can be customized to match an operator’s preferences.

Creative Follow Up and Advancing the Sale:

day two

In the Relationship Selling for Senior LIving Specialists training program Creative Follow Up and Advancing the Sale is the second part of the series. This training is designed specifically for Sales Professionals who have already attended Part One and takes off from that point onward to explore the process that Prospects go through mentally while deciding and how Relationship Selling continues to guide with a steel hand in a velvet glove.

Other Powerful Presentations

Over the years Senior Living Pro has written and delivered numerous topics revolving within the marketing and service realm of the senior living world. Ask us. We’ve likely covered it before and can customize it to your needs.

“I’m not ready yet”

Handed out by 8 out of every 10 Prospects who tour senior living. What next?

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