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peopleCare: Oakcrossing Retirement Residence

The Challenge

Oakcrossing Retirement Residence in London Ontario had been operating for one year when new rentals appeared to stall. accompany was asked to perform a Marketing Environment Audit to confirm management’s theory and to support changes necessary to get back the momentum that the project had experienced in its initial opening phase.

The leadership team at the residence was exhibiting burnout and disbelief as they knew they were all working at their maximum capacity and still they could not seem to manage all that was being asked of them – and they couldn’t possibly take on more residents.

The Discovery

The leadership team discussed rental and sales at length making improvements consistently, however, accompany’s audit surfaced two critical concerns that weren’t in the discussion; the Assisted Living floor had experienced 100% turnover in the first 12 months of open operation and 60% of all admissions to the AL floor were internal transfers from Independent Living.

There it was in plain sight. Once the audit was reviewed, it was clear that this team was spending far too much time admitting, transferring and discharging residents from one area…to the next…to the next. Resident upset was constant and occupancy was going nowhere.

This was never a sales issue – this was an admission criteria issue.

The Solution

Step one – fix the admission criteria such that the right resident was admitted to both areas of this senior living residence.

Step two – refine and refresh the marketing message to reflect the culture of life at Oakcrossing Retirement Living. Replace the real estate promotion with one that expressed emotion and human connection.

The Work

Project Materials

Sound Bites


Jodi is so personable and understanding. I’ve always felt like she was in my corner working alongside to help me achieve my goals.

Holly Jordan
Director Community Relations peopleCare Communities Oakcrossing Retirement Living

Client Overview

peopleCare Communities is a Canadian, family owned and mission-driven leading operator of senior living communities, with strong values and a 50-year history of service.

Family owned and professionally managed 8 retirement and long-term care residences across South western Ontario with eight long-term care developments announced.

Oakcrossing Retirement opened in 2017 adjacent to their London long-term care home and is the only independent supportive living residence owned by peopleCare.

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